You have found the original "Nashville Skydiving", also known as The Tenn-Ky Skydiving Center, we are located at the Russellville Logan Co. Airport and serving the Southern Kentucky and the Middle Tennessee areas. We also serve Music City and Bowling Green as well as Clarksville, Portland, Munfordville, Cave City, Paducah and Scottsville.
We are located 14 miles west of Franklin, 65 minutes north of Nashville and 35 minutes south of Bowling green. We are also approx. 40 minutes east of Hopkinsville, 35 minutes north-west of Gallatin and 55 minutes north of Rivergate and only 20 minutes north of Springfield, Tenn.

Tennessee Kentucky School of Skydiving

Tennessee/Kentucky School of Skydiving
For all of your skydiving needs or if you've ever dreamed of Parachute Jumping from Airplanes, come see us. We are one of the premier Skydive Schools in the region.

We offer Tandem Skydives during which you will experience the thrill of Free Fall for approx. 45 to 50 seconds. Then your Parachute will be opened and you will enjoy the beautiful scenic landscape of Southern Central Kentucky. You will then understand why Skydivers and Thrill Seekers alike love to skydive and experience the art of Body Flight. We also offer Static Line Skydives as one of our forms of Skydiving Instruction. Prior to your Static Line Sky dive, you will recieve approx. 5 hours of Skydiving Lessons. Once this is completed, you will be properly fitted with one of our Parachute Rigs, and all related Parachute Equipment. You will then board the Aircraft and climb to the exit altitude where you will then step out of the aircraft. When you are ready, you will exit the aircraft and your parachute will open automatically. You will then be flying the parachute over the Parachute Center all the way to a tip-toe landing. We have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff assisting you in any way we can.

We also offer skydiving video and aerial photography of your skydiving experience. We are the original "Nashville Skydiving" for over twenty years and we are the Skydive Center that Is just minutes from Greenbrier, Millersville, Ridgetop, Goodlettsville and Hendersonville. We are one of the great entertainment venues of the region vivaling most amusement parks and a great addition to your travel plans for the Tn or Ky areas. We have even been considered to be one of the great tourist attractions near Music City.

As a skydiving school, we own a large amount of skydiving gear, including all the personal gear anyone could need. We also sell gear to anyone who is looking to get into skydiving and wants to own their own setup. Finally, since we have strict standards for when we retire our parachutes and other gear, we routinely need to get rid of large quantities of fabric and webbing. Rather than just throw away these materials, we have reached an agreement with Thomas Tibco to create a line of laptop bags for women out of our recycled retired parachutes and harnesses. While this is an unconventional idea for sure, we think the design is fantastic, and women will really love the style, function, and recycled materials, and one of them even qualifies as a TSA backpack. Additionally, owning a laptop bag made of recycled parachutes and harnesses will tell everyone that you're not a delicate flower type of lady, but rather a tough, take-charge woman who's not afraid to take risks and face down fear. Take a look!